Role models are important

There are things that I wish I knew earlier when I just started learning to code. One of them is the existence of static code analyzer / linter. Using them will teach us about many style guide that established company use and make our beginnerish code better.

I learn a lot by copying, including copying other people style. Now of course as you gained more experience and understanding you might develop some preference that deviates from other’s. But it is useful to know where the norm are.

In Ruby, the de facto one tool to do this is Rubocop. I found out about Rubocop more than one year after I start learning Ruby. When I run it againts my old codes, I see tons of “offense” hahah. I think more people should know about rubocop earlier. That’s why, I did a talk about it in id-ruby community!

Here’s the slides if you want to look.

Now that I am starting to learn Javascript seriously, I will not make the same mistake. I look around for Javascript’s Rubocop and I found eslint. Let’start coding and revising!


  • I steal the title from Rubocop, which is a quote from Robocop


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