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My 2017 Goal: One Product Every Other Month

Okay, I have finally decided to do this. I am going to launch a product once every two months.

This all started when I read the post by Pieter Levels here. And I say, hmm.. not such a bad idea. But let’s not be so rad and do six instead of 12 a year.

But why? Several reasons:
1. It forces me to ship my ideas. I always getting some ideas about what would make a great product. With the constraint of shipping every other month, I have to pick some of those ideas and see if they are really as good as I thought
2. It will improve my technical capabilities, since I will build the products mostly by myself.
3. It will bring some products that hopefully can make some people life a little bit better.
4. It is going to be fun.

While I do have rough ideas of what I am going to build, they all are not finalized yet (except for the first product, which already in use by me). However they all are going to have these characteristics:
1. They are going to be small, you can’t build a facebook in two months right?
2. They will be a paid product, meaning they will get their revenue directly from their user, no “monetization” scheme
3. They will neither be designed nor executed to have neck-breaking growth

Ok, That’s it. I am going to do this. This post will be updated with every product that I launch. Want to join me?