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Time to Start Giving Back

Recently, I realized something.

This is my github profile if viewed when I logged in:

github private

and this is if viewed when logged out

github logged out

What do they tell? They mean that my contribution to private repository totally dominates my programming life. It is even worse actually, since some of my projects were done in bitbucket.

Now, web development is my bread and butter, so of course my for-profit project will dominate. But I have benefit so much from the open source community, my career actually depend on it, that not giving back is not an option.

So, now I intend to consciously spend more effort to contribute to open source repository.  I have started some:

  1. This is my first PR ever that has been merged in to other people’s repository, only two days ago:
  2. I started an open source project. This basically for me learning about nokogiri and rails-api, but perhaps other people might find it useful

Ok, if you think you have benefited from the open source community, please consider to give back. No contribution is too small. And it is not only by submitting to open source repository, some other ways, like writing a free access blog post, help too!